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HI thank you for stopping by, I’m Kate :)

I’m a soulful dreamer who creates natural mineral makeup that’s beautiful to wear everyday.


Our natural makeup range is inspired by the purity of the Outback in Australia. It’s for heart-led soul sisters who want to feel good using ingredients that are as natural as possible.


Mineral Makeup Australia

It is such an honour of mine to share my creations with women around Australia. Through the Outback Eve brand, a natural choice of beauty products is made possible. With plant based ingredients and makeup products that are 100% cruelty free.

I’ve loved makeup for as long as I can remember. But being the sensitive soul that I am, I was and still am limited to what cosmetics I can wear. Since 2014 I have battled with Psoriasis. I am a firm believer that the skin is the window to the soul. How often does it give away our emotions? A bashful blush, goosebumps when our soul is ignited, the glow when we are blissful. I wear my heart on my sleeve, or skin in this case - the slightest stressor can cause a huge reaction which is visible for the world to see through my skin.

When my skin reactions got too much for me, I fell in love with the idea of being able to wear pure and natural products. That's when I discovered Outback Eve. I started using the Skin Serum and Natural Mineral Foundations, and quite quickly the redness and inflammation began to fade. My skin felt hydrated, and soft - not scaly and irritated....it finally felt like my own again, after 4 years of struggling with Psoriasis. Even to this day, I don't limit using the serum to my face - if I have a little flare up, it's my go to, to relieve the redness and inflammation. 

I’ve enjoyed being on this journey since 2018. I’ve learnt so much and I now choose to focus on what aligns with my core beliefs, plant based lifestyle and energetic level. This leads me towards creating a soulful hub that goes beyond natural mineral makeup.

 Mineral Makeup Australia

The top three reasons my customers love purchasing from Outback Eve is because we are natural, vegan, we don’t test on animals and we’re Australian owned.

Outback Eve is a makeup range designed to be luxurious and bespoke. All hand produced in small batches by a passionate team. Every ingredient in our cosmetic range is naturally sourced and has its purpose to nourish, hydrate and look amazing while being worn.

We offer:

Bold yet gentle Natural Mascara

Skin Boosting Serum

Natural Mineral Foundations

Natural Mineral Veils 

Mineral Makeup Australia

You’ll look great and feel amazing wearing clean, natural cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. Your skin will breathe and become nourished with our all natural ingredients.

I welcome you to browse our natural product range. And I hope that my visions and creations line up with yours—someone who's passionate about self love, self care and loves to surround themselves with all things natural.

Mineral Makeup Australia