Why should you switch to natural mascara?

Outback Eve Natural Mineral Makeup - Natural Vegan Mascara

Hi to all my lovely Outback Eve blog readers! It's been a while since I have last written. I do intend on writing more makeup blog posts in future. Stay tuned and watch this space. 

The topic I am talking about in today's blog post is why you should you switch to all natural mineral mascara.  I have decided to spend some time in explaining the different ingredients found in traditional mascara and the ingredients in our Outback Eve mascara.

There are a number of traditional mascaras that contain a number of synthetic ingredients and these mascaras have the potential to be irritating and toxic to you.

First thing first. Have you ever read moisturising cream, eye serum instructions or even facial cleansing instructions? Most of these products advise you to avoid getting their product in contact with your eyes.

So here I type wondering why oh why I did ever put traditional mascara on my eyelashes? It's so close to my eye! 

Here is a list of potentially toxic and irritating ingredients that could be lurking in any number of traditional mascaras: 

Synthetic Fragrance - basically a cheap man-made chemical mix that results in a pleasant or sweet scent. 

Most fragrances are artificial and due to their synthetic nature can be irritating to skin and...EYES!  There is one ingredient in synthetic fragrance formulations that is best avoided and that is phthalates. For more information about phthalates, you can read this comprehensive article from The Guardian.

Here at Outback Eve Natural Mineral Makeup Australia, we have an all natural mineral mascara that is naturally scented with vanilla oil with no phthalates in our formula.

Parabens  - this chemical is commonly used in various cosmetics and skin care. It is often used as a preservative. It does a good job of preventing your makeup from going mouldy etc. it also has been associated with some cancers and what not. For more details, this article from Stylecasters explains it pretty well. The article also goes into detail about sulfates.

Our natural mineral mascara doesn't have parabens in its ingredients. We use plant-based ingredients such as rosemary essential oil, goldenseal root extract and lemon peel oil extract as a preservative. 

Propylene Glycol - this is a synthetically made alcohol and its main purpose is to absorb water. It's used in cosmetics and in many other things from food to medicines. It can be part of a mascara formulation because of its ability to make mascara more viscous. In other words the mascara formula would become thicker and less watery.

Propylene glycol has a tendency to cause allergic reactions such as eczema, rashes and contact dermatitis in some individuals. 

Our natural mineral mascara uses the natural thickening properties of corn starch in its formulation as an alternative to propylene glycol.

Fish Scales - yeah fish scales, obviously the ingredient listing won't be that obvious but keep an eye out for its alternative name, Guanine. 

Fish scales also known as Guanine are often used as a colourant and for their light reflective purposes. I rather some natural mica! If you want to read some more Snopes has a pretty good article on Fish Scales in cosmetics.

Other nasty colourants in traditional mascara ingredients range from coal tar dye, carbon black and aluminium powder. I could go on but this Fox News article does a great job at explaining these ingredients plus a few extra ingredients that lurk in traditional mascaras.

Our Outback Eve natural mineral mascara is coloured with Iron oxides and mica. Our natural mineral mascara formulation is vegan too. That means there are no animal ingredients in our mascara.

Thanks for reading on why you should switch to natural mascara. I have tried various mascara formulas and sadly there have been times where I have reacted to them. 

Should you develop a reaction to a mascara or any other makeup product discontinue using it immediately and thoroughly wash off the product. 

I ended up throwing out a number of mascaras because of the irritation I received. I washed my eyes out thoroughly and thankfully the irritation settled. But if you are ever concerned about any skin irritation from cosmetic products, do speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

The Outback Eve natural mineral mascara is gentle enough for my sensitive eyes. I am pretty happy that I can comfortably wear it every day.

All of the makeup products in my Outback Eve store are natural mineral formulations. Shop our natural mineral makeup range today!

xx Tash.