What Natural Ingredients Are in Lipstick?

The demand for makeup with all-natural ingredients is increasing around the world. Consumers are starting to wise up to toxins in our environment and are taking steps to protect themselves. 

As a health-savvy consumer, you want to familiarize yourself with what goes into your lipsticks and cosmetics. Why run the risk of poisoning yourself through what comes in contact with your skin?

Let's take a look at some of the natural lipstick ingredients that go into our lipsticks and why they're becoming so popular.

Why Choose Natural Ingredients?

Natural ingredients in makeup have the ability to nourish the skin as well as accentuate beauty. They're gentle, non-toxic, and a healthier option. People who tend to suffer from allergic reactions love them.

Regular makeup sometimes contains chemicals and toxins that irritate sensitive skin. It may also have trace amounts of pesticides or toxic metals like lead and aluminum. Harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and phthalates also pose a risk.

In contrast, natural makeup is loaded with healthy ingredients, and sometimes even vitamins. Natural makeup recipes typically use plant-based compounds so they can be classified as vegan or organic. 

Sustainability Concerns

Natural lipstick ingredients can be ethically sourced from various locations around the world. 

Cosmetics for sensitive skin are often created through sustainable and eco-friendly processes. These wise practices ensure that precious resources are not depleted.

Care is taken to avoid over-harvesting and waste of plant and mineral resources. This way, they can be maintained and remain available in the future. 

Natural makeup companies that prioritize sustainability attract socially-conscious customers. These people love quality products that are made in a responsible way.

Here are some basic standards followed by socially-responsible and eco-friendly companies:

Fairtrade standards: ensure that the people who harvest natural ingredients are paid adequately for the work they do

Non-cruelty: harmful animal testing is prevented during the ingredient sourcing and manufacturing process

Biodegradable ingredients: makeup components don't pollute water or turn out to be harmful to breathe

Water conservation: manufacturing in a way that conserves as much water as possible

Responsible storage: ingredients and finished products are stocked in a way that preserves the good qualities of the ingredients

Tracking and transparency: all steps in the process are recorded and made available to show that best practices are followed

Less Acne and Blemishes

Even if you don't have an outright allergic reaction, harsh chemicals in big-brand lipsticks and makeup can still wreak havoc on your skin. Your skin will be more prone to clogged pores and irritations, which will translate into blemishes.

If that doesn't defeat the purpose of wearing makeup, what does?

Younger Looking Skin

Unfortunately, small amounts of toxins and chemicals can build up in your body over time. Makeup and lipsticks with chemicals and preservatives can dry your skin out and predispose it to early aging.

All-natural makeup, on the other hand, will not introduce toxins into your body.  Instead, it will deliver vitamins and other soothing agents.

Savings and Affordability

Once you've finally found a good makeup and lipstick brand, you can relax. Quality, all-natural ingredients mean you won't have to constantly search for something your skin can tolerate. You'll save money, negative reactions, and a lot of frustration.

Also, it's important to note that all-natural brands tend to be budget-friendly! Since they're surprisingly affordable, you may even spend less than you would on the big commercial brands.

Peace of Mind

The best thing about switching to all-natural lipsticks and makeup products is knowing that you're treating your body well. The ingredients are safe.

You won't need to be concerned about nasty surprises. If you decide to try a new product, you can be confident that it won't trigger a bad reaction on your face. No more swollen lips or blisters on your cheeks!

Now you can have fun and enjoy trying new products that your favorite all-natural brand introduces.

Look Like the Stars

Hollywood celebrities are among the many millions of customers who have switched to all-natural makeup. Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johannson, Jennifer Aniston, and others have all made the switch. 

They prefer clean beauty products for their healing properties and gentleness. After all, they have to stay in makeup for long periods. It's important that they are able to keep toxins out of their bodies while they work!

Common Natural Lipstick Ingredients

The best strategy for finding good quality natural lipsticks and makeup is to familiarize yourself with natural ingredients. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Vegetable Glycerin: often made from coconuts. Produced in a lab through a process called hydrolysis. Hydrates skin and can be helpful for healing blemishes. Glycerin is a very common ingredient in all-natural makeup and lipsticks.

Castor oil: made from the castor bean. Has medicinal qualities and is a long-time favorite.

Coconut oil: made from coconut flesh. Widely used for cooking and skincare. Has hydration benefits as well as a very pleasant aroma. 

Candelilla wax: made from the Candelilla shrub. Commonly used in food production for glazing. Sometimes used as a substitute for carnauba wax or beeswax in candies and chewing gum. Also classified as vegan. No animals or animal products are used in production.

Cocoa butter: made from the cocoa seed, this ingredient has polyphenols that reduce inflammation. Has hydrating and healing properties, and can be edible. Like coconut oil, is a fatty acid. Has been known to help reduce stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity.

Jojoba oil: made from the Jojoba shrub. Has medicinal and moisturizing uses. Is a popular ingredient in lotions, cosmetics, and natural lipsticks.

Mango butter: made from mango kernels. Has a slightly sweet scent. Is composed of fatty acids and is full of antioxidants that fight aging.

Avocado oil: made from the whole fruit. Is loaded with antioxidants and is an excellent moisturizer. Can heal damaged and dry skin.

Cupuacu butter: made from the cupuacu plant. Is a relative of the cocoa plant. Originates in the rain forest. Buttery, chocolate-y, and sweet. High in fatty acids, great for healing broken skin and hair. 

Vitamin E: is a natural anti-inflammatory, also known as tocopherol. Found naturally in many vegetables and plants.

Grapeseed oil: high in antioxidants, it is made from crushing grape seeds. Has high levels of vitamin E and fights free radicals that cause aging.

Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary extracts: derived from culinary herbs that are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Their appeal is their antioxidant properties.

Cinnamon bark oil: reduces inflammation and works digestively and topically. It is a well-known medicinal ingredient.

Goldenseal extract: a powerful, ancient herb. It is known to heal many kinds of skin conditions and upper respiratory issues. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and used to treat a wide variety of medical symptoms.

All About Minerals

In recent years all-mineral makeup in Australia and around the world has soared in popularity. People love them because they offer built-in sun protection and won't clog pores. Other types of makeup are missing these and other important characteristics.

Mineral-based makeup formulas tend not to irritate damaged skin as much as traditional cosmetics. They also last longer between applications.

Here are some common minerals used in all-natural lipsticks and makeup:

Titanium dioxide: used to color cosmetics and lipsticks naturally, it creates opaqueness. It is a major ingredient in sunscreen because it reflects light.

Zinc oxide: used to treat skin irritations, including broken skin. It is a common ingredient of creams and lotions.

Mica: provides shimmer without toxins. Safe for use as a colorant and can be combined with pigments. Popular in makeup and has some food applications.

Iron oxides: used since the early 1900s. Available in red, black, and yellow. Formed by iron and oxygen molecules.

All-natural makeup is made with both plant and mineral ingredients. The best products balance texture and color with hydration and anti-inflammatory properties. 

If you suffer from sensitive skin and allergic dermatitis, try switching to an all-natural brand. The number of satisfied customers who have done so continues to grow each year.

Give Natural Lipstick A Try

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