What do we mean when we say ‘Quality’?

 One thing we are so proud of here at Outback Eve is Quality.  What do we mean when we say 'Quality'?


When we say 'Quality' we mean…


Quality as in Natural Based.

There are no nasty chemicals making themselves at home in our mineral makeup formulations such as irritating bismuth oxide or anything that sounds like it belongs in a chemistry class. What you wear when you wear our mineral makeup is created with natural ingredients.


Quality as in pure and minimally processed as possible.

The beautiful Australian Outback was the inspiration for our makeup range – it’s so naturally beautiful and unprocessed. Under the rays of the harsh outback sun, there are so many naturally occurring minerals that have adapted to extreme conditions. Minerals that adapt to extreme outback conditions become a vital ingredient in mineral makeup because of their properties such as providing sun protection.


Quality as in the best possible makeup application.

Our products are formulated so that your makeup application is of the highest quality. When wearing our products you don’t need much to achieve your desired result. The reason behind this is the fact that our natural products are formulated with quality ingredients. When you wear our makeup it’s very concentrated and not diluted with cheap fillers.


Quality customer service.

Your experience matters to us. You are making an investment in yourself with clean beauty products. Investing in mineral makeup is a good decision because you are eliminating ingesting toxic ingredients and are nourishing your skin. We want you to feel great from the moment you open your package. Why? Because as a small business we care about you. We from time to time have also experienced not so great service that we make it a priority that all our customers are satisfied and feel great wearing our amazing products!