Try My Top 3 Secret Techniques For Pink Nude Lips Using Natural Lipstick

Here  are  3  super  easy  ways  to  find  a  natural  lipstick  for  the  best  looking  pink  nude  lips…so  that  you  can  have  gorgeous  looking lip  colour  all  day  long!

Have  you  been  trying  to  rock  the  best  natural  looking  lip  colour  for  a  while?

You  see  so  many beautiful  women  wearing  the  perfect  pink  nude  lipstick and  it  seems  like  finding  the  perfect  shade  is  so  damn  easy.

But  for  some  reason,  no  matter  how  many  suggestions,  tips  or  perfect  shade  recommendations  you  write  down,  you  can’t  seem  to  find  the  best pink  nude  lipstick!

And  every  time  you  get  so  so  close  to  that  perfect  pink  shade  of  lipstick  there’s  something  not  quite  right  about  it  and  you  end  up  back  where  you  started.

Not  this  time!

Over  the  years  working  as  a  makeup  artist  I  discovered  3  super  easy  ways  that  gave  me  and  my  clients  that  perfect  pink  nude  lip  shade.

And  this  time  I  am  revealing  my  best  pink  nude  lipstick  shade  secrets  with  you.

My  top  3  pink  nude  lipstick  tips  will  help  you  rock  your  best  natural  looking  lip  colour.

Give  my  secret  tips  a  try  and  have  the  best  looking  lip  colour  all  day  long!

 Best Pink Nude Lipstick Tip #1

 When you pick a lipstick you think is your kind of pink nude shade, always match that lipstick to the natural of colour your lips

Use your natural lip colour as a reference guide instead of your skin colour.

Because you are after a shade for you lips, not your face.

Grab a mirror and look at your face without any makeup on.

Note down the tones of your natural lips. What shades are they close to? Is it pale pink, rosy pink, caramel or dark brown?

Knowing which shade your natural lips are close to will help you narrow down the pink lipstick.

Bonus Lipstick Tip!

Don’t worry if your shade is too brown or too pink.

Once you wear the shade on your lips it will look different.

Best Pink Nude Lipstick Tip #2

Match your pink nude lipstick intensity to your gums.

The colour of your gums will guide you to the best natural looking lipstick shade for your lips.

If you are not sure, apply your lipstick and have a look at your gums.

Now find a mirror and smile!

Ask yourself….

Do your gums and your lipstick shade compliment each other?

What I want you to look for is if your gums look darker or

If your gum shade is too dark – and when I mean dark it stands out more, you notice your gums look way too pink.

If they are then this means that your lipstick choice is too pale and won’t give you the best natural looking nude lip colour.

If your lipstick is too dark then your gum shade will look really really pale. Which means the shade you chose is too dark.

Bonus Lipstick Shade Tips!

If your lipstick shade is too dark but is the perfect tone just apply your lipstick using your ring finger. If will make the shade less intense giving you the perfect nude shade that suits you.

If your lipstick shade is too pale but you love the tone then use a lipliner or very lightly dab a slightly darker shade of lipstick before using the pale lipstick shade.

Best Pink Nude Lipstick Tip #3

As a general rule just stick to medium lipstick shades because they will compliment your face.

And when I say medium lipstick shade – a lipstick shade that isn’t too pale or too dark based on your skin colour not anyone elses.


Because what a medium colour is on someone else may not be a medium colour on you.

And here’s one final bonus lipstick tip for you…

Bonus Lipstick Shade Tip:

Pick yourself a creamy lipstick formula and avoid anything that has a shimmer or the name ‘frosty’ in it’s shade name or shade description.

A creamy lipstick will keep your lips hydrated making your lips flushed with natural colour.

Your perfect creamy nude pink lipstick will be semi matte and not glossy or shimmery.

I hope my lipstick shade tips help you find your perfect nude pink lipstick shade.

Be sure to bookmark this page and have it ready when shopping for your new lipstick.

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