Sensitive Lips? Follow My Tips On How To Get Fabulous Lips [SENSITIVE LIPS TIPS]

If you suffer from sensitive lips, you're probably aware that the type of lipstick you choose to wear everyday has a lot to do with how your lips feel.

You can totally have a great looking smile matched with the best lipstick if you use the right products and make sure you follow my fabulous tips to deal with those sensitive lips.


You may have tried your favorite lipsticks and by the next day found that after wearing them your lipstick is too drying or your lips themselves dry up and become itchy.

If you notice this happening too often, take the time to read labels carefully so that you're sure you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in the lipstick. The most common ingredients found in lipsticks and other cosmetics contain alcohol, which can dry out your lips. This is especially true of products that contain paraffin.

It's easy to get sensitive lips if you use the wrong types of lipstick. Makeup for people with sensitive skin may be more difficult to apply than you'd think. But if you do decide to use one, look for something that contains cocoa butter. Cocoa butter works to moisturise your lips and help protect them from damage caused by the elements when out and about.



In general, you don't need a lot of product on your lips to keep them soft and moist. And if you choose a lipstick rich in pigment, you won't need to apply much for amazing colour pay off.

It's better to keep your lips hydrated from the inside out instead. Make sure that you use a lip balm after a bath or shower because these will help keep your lips smooth.

Make taking off your makeup part of your night time beauty routing, make sure that you wash away any left over makeup from your lips before you go to sleep. If you don't, your lips could get irritated, especially if you prefer to use matte formulations. Avoid using soap or highly perfumed cosmetics directly on your lips because this can dry them out too.

There are also products available that you can use on your lips if you have sensitive skin. They are made with natural ingredients which is quite soothing to sensitive lips. 

In most cases, sensitive lips are simply dryness or allergies to certain ingredients. The problem can be easily resolved by using a good lip balm or look for lipstick products that have been created for sensitive lips in mind.


You should never hesitate to tell a professional about any problems you may have with your lips. A dermatologist or skin specialist can check for allergies, skin irritation or even allergic reactions. That's how I discovered that I was sensitive to traditional lipstick!

Sensitive lips can also be caused by stress. If you're working in a fast pace environment or have a lot going on, it's not surprising that your lips can become dry and irritated. And some of us can bit on our lips when stressed. If this is the case, try to practice self care where you can take a break and unwind from the busy day. A quick, soothing shower and applying a soothing lip balm to relieve dry lips is a good option.

You should also consider drinking plenty of water to replace the moisture in your lips. If you find that your lips are peeling, feeling tight or chapped try applying a natural soothing lip balm to the affected area. This will help reduce the discomfort and soften up your lips.

Sensitive lips can also be caused by poor oral hygiene. If you're experiencing chapped lips, make sure that you brush frequently, floss your teeth regularly and keep up with regular dental appointments.

Sensitive lips can also be caused by cold weather. If your lips are exposed to cool temperatures, wearing lipstick can create a protective barrier, if it's made from natural butters which can create a protective barrier from the elements.

Good news is that sensitive lips can be treated and there are so many natural lipsticks made for sensitive lips. If you follow these tips, your lips will feel so soft, nourished and hydrated.