Hippie MakeUp Tips | Rock your Inner Hippie Chick

So you’re wanting to try hippie makeup for a while now. Awesome! Creating a hippie makeup is a great way to bring a little fun into your natural make up style.

It seems like everyone in the 60s and 70s made hippie makeup look so easy!

But it’s 2020 and you’re a hippie at heart.

Here are some the same tips, tricks and secrets that makeup artists use to create that hippie makeup look. So give these hippie makeup tips a try and see if they give you amazing results.

Hippie Makeup Tip 1: Create a collection of inspiring hippie makeup looks from the 60s and 70s you would like to create. This will give you many ideas of what to expect and what kind of hippie makeup style you like. There are heaps of hippie makeup styles!

Hippie Makeup Tip 2: Choose two or three vivid eyeshadows. Natural mineral eyeshadows are the perfect eye makeup to create the hippie makeup look. Focus on your eyes. Create dramatic looks with eyeliner and creative use of applying eyeshadow as well as finishing up your hippie makeup look with natural mineral mascara.

Hippie Makeup Tip 3: Add the ultimate finishing touch to your hippie makeup look with a simple, chic effortless hairstyle. Beach waves are always the perfect option and so simple to create.

Hippie Makeup Tip 4: And one last things is not to forget to accessorise! Adding a flower crown or simply a few flowers to your outfit creates that bohemian hippie look.

Hippie Makeup Tip 5: I couldn’t help add this hippie makeup tip! It’s feel it! Feel the bohemian chic vibes and rock your look. That’s what it’s all about.