Discover 3 makeup tricks you need to try today

Outback Eve Natural Mineral Makeup - Discover 3 makeup tricks you need to try today

Do you know of any makeup tricks that you use in your makeup routine? I have a few. In this Outback Eve makeup blog post discover my top 3 makeup tricks you need to try today.

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Make your skin glow with this trick -

Want a different way to achieve a natural dewy makeup look? After applying my Outback Eve natural mineral makeup I either apply a highlighter or a luminous veil.

My go to highlighter is almost always the Outback Eve mineral eyeshadow in shade twinkle twinkle. Or if I am wanting a more subtle glow I love using our luminous mineral veil.

Here’s the trick to applying a highlighter or mineral veil. To make your skin glow, apply our sheer mineral veil or highlighter before you apply your foundation.

Where should I apply my highlighter/mineral veil?

On the bridge of the nose. Highlighting the bridge of your nose makes your nose look straighter.

On the highest point of the cheekbones and always brush upwards, never downwards. Highlighting the highest point of your cheekbones brings them out.

On the chin. Highlighting the tip of your chin accentuates it and helps give the appearance of fuller lips.

If you are a using a liquid or even a loose mineral foundation simply stipple the foundation onto your face.

The reason why you should stipple your foundation on is to prevent smudging all the glowy goodness of what you just highlighted all over your face.

When you smudge your highlighting all over your face you risk making your pores look larger. Highlighter all over your face can make you look too shiny and bring out any bumps you have on your face as well.

Stick to stippling. If you are not sure what stippling is this BuzzFeed article explains the process.

Outback Eve Natural Mineral Makeup Australia Natural Vegan Lipstick Natural Loose Mineral Foundation Shades The Best

Master bronzing your face with this trick –

I have always admired how people can pull off a good sun kissed bronzed look. In the past when I have searched for bronzers they were either too orange or too dark.

The beauty of mineral makeup is you can create amazing colours. Our Kissed by the Sun Bronzer has been formulated to provide a nice subtle glow without looking orange.

What’s the trick to making your skin look sun kissed? It’s very simple. Pick a shade of bronzer that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. I believe our bronzer, Kissed by the Sun is the best choice. It isn’t too dark when you apply it and the bronzer shade is very buildable.


Magically change your foundation into a concealer with this trick –

If I am ever travelling I try to pack as light as possible. So instead of bringing a concealer with me along with my many other makeup products, I just keep it as minimal as possible. I stick to my mineral foundation and use this concealer trick.

Firstly, with a freshly moisturised face, I apply my loose mineral foundation. Because the Outback Eve mineral foundation is a full coverage foundation I find that I don’t need to use concealer. But when you travel jet lag can get the better of you. Sometimes I do need to conceal the dark circles under my eyes.

After I have finished applying my mineral foundation I simply grab an eyeshadow brush or a concealer brush. I wet the brush and then tap out a little bit of my mineral foundation. I then dip the wet brush into the powder and mix it up. Then I softly pat the brush under my eyes and wherever else I need concealing. Avoid rubbing the ‘concealer’ on. The method to this is to pat the brush flatly and softly onto the areas of your face that need concealing.