Ancient Ingredients for Today's Beauty Rituals

This article lists a number of ancient natural rituals where "people got their beauty fixes the old-fashioned way, from fruits, vegetables, and minerals that came directly from the earth".
Most of the ingredients they list sound very exotic. Imagine mentioning a Chaya, Achiote or Tepezcohuite as part of your daily ritual.
Then there are the usual staples such as cucumber, avocado and honey, or should I say Melipona Honey.
I have tried avocado oil and actual avocado to see what it was like for my skin. I much preferred the avocado oil over actual avocado.
There was one natural avocado face mask recipe I tried back in the day and I'd stick to having actual avocado as part of my breakfast instead of my facial routine.
Good old cucumber over the eyes is always good. The smell of freshly cut cucumber is refreshing enough. Although sometimes I just use teabags when I am having a self care Sunday ritual.
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