6 Ways to Create the Best Nude Lips with Outback Eve Natural Cosmetics

Are you wanting to achieve a nude lip look using only clean cosmetics? Then you have come to the right page. You’ll discover 6 ways to create nude lips using Outback Eve’s range of makeup.


What is a nude lip look anyway?

A nude lip look is look you create so that your lips appear the most neutral and natural. You can have a nude lip that enhances your natural lip colour, or you can easily enhance your natural lip colour by applying a colourless lip balm or gloss. You can create a nude lip colour using various shades of brown and pink that compliment a minimal makeup look. 


Pink Matte Nude Lips

Natural Matte Pink Lipstick Nude Look

Apply a light brown lip liner to contour and define your lips. Outback Eve lip liner in shade Barely There is perfect for this. It’s a warm soft brown shade and can easily create an illusion of a fuller lip.

Apply Outback Eve Enlightened lipstick – on its own or with a lip brush for extra definition.



Peachy Matte Nude Lips

Peachy Matte Nude Lipstick

This is a beautiful summery look and looks beautiful if you have just had a tan. Firstly, contour and define your lips using Outback Eve lip liner in shade Barely There.

Apply Outback Eve Dreamer lipstick – on its own or with a lip brush for extra definition.


Warm Soft Brown Nude Lips

Warm Soft Nude Lips Created with natural lip liner

This is a soft and natural look. Line and contour your lips with Outback Eve Barely There lip liner. Then begin to fill your lips in with the Barely There lip liner. Once you have finished you are ready but to seal the colour and create a nourishing barrier apply Outback Eve Purity natural lip balm. This is a unique lip balm as it is semi matte. It doesn’t have too much oils that make your lips shiny, just a nice natural glow.


Medium Brown Nude Lips

Medium Brown Nude Lips Created with natural lip liner

This is a bolder and darker nude look. Line and fill your lips with Outback Eve Nude lip liner. When you have finished filling in your lips simply apply 1 to 2 coats of Purity Semi Matte lip balm. There are many nourishing ingredients in Purity Semi Matte lip balm and your lips will love it.


2 Second Nude Lips

Natural Vegan Nude Lipstick Australia

Outback Eve Wanderlust is a warm, creamy lipstick. A perfect warm shade to brighten up your look. Simply apply 1-2 coats and you are ready to go. For an application longer than 2 seconds and for extra definition use with Outback Eve lip liner in shades Nude or Barely There or simply apply Wanderlust lipstick with a lip brush.


1 Second Nude Lips

Semi Matte Lip Balm Australia

Once you have applied all other makeup and you are ready to nude up your lips – simply apply Outback Eve Purity lip balm and in 1 second your look is ready! You will naturally enhance your lip’s natural tone and colouring with this lip balm.


The best 6 ways to create nude lips are so simple and quick. Creating a nude lip look is very easy to achieve and perfect for beginners. Currently we are having a promotion where with any purchase you will automatically receive the Outback Eve Purity Semi Matte lip balm! Happy shopping!




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