4 Benefits of Using Natural Mineral Makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are so many choices and variations. Matte or glossy? Liquid or powder? Red or redder? It can be so overwhelming to make a decision with the number of products in the market. However, the basic fact remains, what to choose? Should you go for conventional, high-end makeup brands, or choose natural makeup which has ingredients derived from earth?  Traditional makeup is a convenient choice, but do consider the many benefits of using natural makeup.

Here are 4 benefits of using natural mineral makeup which is sure to convince you to try it out.

1.  No Harsh Chemicals or Parabens

It's true that whatever you apply to your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and ultimately carried around your entire body. This is a huge advantage for natural mineral makeup as the ingredients used in these formulations are natural and derived from earth. Natural mineral makeup also suits people with sensitive skin and people who are prone to allergies or reactions associated with makeup and skin care that contain synthetic additives. Chemicals found in synthetic cosmetic products like parabens and phthalates, the two most common types of chemicals are potentially poisonous to the urinary tract and other systems of the body. You need to consider the potential damage that you could be exposing yourself to on a daily basis.

2. Eco-friendly

Most conventional makeup products contain ingredients synthesized from petroleum in addition to a whole other lot of chemicals that are produced after intensive mining and development processes. A few of them include lead and petroleum. These chemicals aren't only bad for your skin but also cause and a great deal of harm to the environment at the same time. Natural mineral makeup, on the other hand, is made from natural ingredients which are not put through these energy consuming processes, helping limit pollution, making the products eco-friendly.

3. Scent friendly

Scents in nearly all beauty products are made from artificial chemicals that could cause irritation not only on your skin but to the nostril as well. Natural mineral makeup is usually odorless or contains natural aromas from the butters and oil formulations. Natural mineral makeup is ideal for folks who are susceptible to irritation, illness and frequent allergic symptoms.

4. Skin Nourishing

Nearly all beauty products are formulated with ingredients derived from earth that have skin nourishing properties. Although some traditional cosmetics may have natural ingredients listed some ingredients can be synthetically derived or simply created in a laboratory. The advantage of natural mineral makeup is that the ingredients are naturally sourced from nature and require the least processing. Because of this when you regularly use natural mineral makeup your skin will be naturally nourished. Due to the natural ingredients used in natural mineral makeup your skin will also breathe and therefore not become clogged and cause breakouts.


All of these benefits point towards how useful natural mineral makeup really is. You never know what you are putting on your face regularly. It could be causing immense damage without you realizing it. On the other hand, using natural makeup can not only benefit your body, nourish your skin but the environment as well. It's time that you consider adding a few natural products to your makeup collection and really notice the positive difference when wearing natural mineral makeup. It certainly has a great many benefits to its credit.


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